#1. (100 pts) What is logistics? By the end, I

 #1. (100 pts) What is logistics? By the end, I need a definition that LUML can use. I suspect that a creditable source will be important.  4 #2. (100) What then is logistics management? #3. (100) What functional things are done in logistics? #4. (100) What is this thing called a “life cycle”? It seems like it should be time-phased? Briefly describe the typical phases. Is there a good one for LUML to use? #5. (100 points) How does logistics tie into the system life cycle? Explain. #6. (100) Of course we want to be successful. Are there any points that might be especially relevant in accomplishing our various objectives? Briefly explain. #7. (25). Any other thoughts or information on this subject that you think that I should know at this point in time? “None” if that is your answer. 

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