1. Read Article 3 Section 3 definition of treason on


1. Read Article 3 Section 3 definition of treason on page 295 in their textbook. Discuss whether Snowden has committed treason and whether the death penalty would be appropriate for his conduct.

2. Read about Policies and Issues in Criminology: “Want to Torture? Get a Warrant” on page 300 in your textbook. Imagine you are a government agent holding a prisoner who has been arrested on suspicion of being a terrorist. You get a call stating that there is a credible threat that a bomb will go off in two hours unless it can be found and defused. The prisoner has knowledge of the bomb’s location. How would you get him to reveal the location? Would you consider using torture? Is there a better method?

3. Imagine you were looking for a nice antique lamp. You see a little store that appears to have what you are looking for. You know about how much a new lamp would cost. When you look at the lamps to see that they are very cheap and supposedly new and real (not a fake). Would you be suspicious that the store owner may be a fence? Would you still buy a lamp even though it may have been stolen from someone? Explain your answer.

4. Read about “The Cleveland Kidnapping Case.” Discuss the possible negative consequences for the victims. What type of services do victims need? Who should pay for these services?


Media Tool

Watch the video “No Privacy Due to Cyberterrorism Threat” at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kiUoHny6y2I

  • RT America discusses the threat of cyberterrorism.
  • Discussion: Discuss the consequences of cyberterrorism.
  • Should people give up their privacy? Would that make life safer?

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