After browsing for a bit, find a blog article from


After browsing for a bit, find a blog article from one of the above blogs that addresses at least two of the topics below (in bright colors). It’s your choice so choose the topics and articles that interest you most!

culture ethnocentrism cultural relativity 

symbolic interactionism  subculture cultural capital

Begin your submission with a link to your chosen blog post. Then, reflecting on your chosen blog post that contains at least two of the above six topics, compose your own original discussion post explaining to your classmates what you learned from your chosen post and how your two chosen topics relate to each other or influence each other. Remember, not all topics will be covered in all blog posts and some topics will be covered in more than one. Please be sure that your post is between 550 and 675 words in length. These posts should also contain at least two in-text citations from your chosen blog post. When citing, use MLA Style (Links to an external site.).  However, the majority of your initial post needs to be in your own words based upon your observations from the blog post. The idea is to use your citations from your blog to enhance your post but to incorporate direct quotes sparingly. 

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