APA format 175 – 26 words Cite at least one

APA format

175 – 26 words

Cite at least one peer-reviewed reference

Respond to the following:


Dr. Jennifer Haddad Connell

5/11/22, 8:00 AM

Hello Everyone:

A quality that I think a great leader should have is one of treating everyone with equality and impartiality. I think this is a huge consideration for respect of the leader or leaders, and ties into employee job satisfaction.

I find that with work issues, while each one may be different and require a level of empathy, I go back to our policies, procedures, and rules and talk with employees about expectations. With objective issues, we can generally already have answers within our rules and expectations. It’s the subjective issues that may be harder to quantify or define. I agree that being a good listener is important. I’ve found that if I listen long enough I will hear something that is likely a root cause of an issue. This can take patience! In my job I have to be sensitive and know when to stop an unhealthy conversation, or listen through what may seem like drama in order to hear what I need to know. It’s a bit of a balancing act! But one that I enjoy. Generally, we can work out anything but how we approach and/or respond to people is important.

Class: Please continue this discussion. Do you have experience or examples that can support impartiality of leaders? Or perhaps you’ve experienced partiality. If so, what was the end result of relationship(s)?

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