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For this project, you are to gather and read through evidence related to
the food system issue you identified for your final paper. Much of this will have
already been done for your annotated bibliography. Next, create a well-referenced
PowerPoint (PPT) presentation and deliver it using VoiceThread in Canvas or any
other technology you choose (including YouTube, your own software, etc.). You are
expected to examine what the academic literature supports or does not support in
relation to the policy/health/sustainability/ethics issue you have been working on.
In the presentation, you are to discuss the importance and substance of the research
question you chose. Next, provide some depth in terms of what literature offers as
evidence in relation to that question, and the extent to which literature provides any
consensus on the topic (or fails to). Finally, offer your insights in one of two ways,
either: 1) whether more research is necessary, and if so, what kind and why, or 2)
what the average consumer can do in light of the evidence you have described. It is
your choice which direction to go on this last criterion, depending on what might be
more applicable or interesting depending on your chosen topic.

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In this assignment, the students are required to gather and analyze evidence related to the food system issue they identified for their final paper. They are expected to create a well-referenced PowerPoint presentation and deliver it using VoiceThread or any other technology of their choice. The objective of the presentation is to discuss the importance and substance of the research question chosen, examine the evidence provided by the academic literature, and determine if there is any consensus on the topic. Additionally, students are required to provide their insights, either suggesting the need for more research and specifying the kind and reasons behind it, or offering recommendations for average consumers based on the evidence presented.

As a medical professor, I would assess the students’ PowerPoint presentations and VoiceThread delivery based on several criteria. Firstly, I would evaluate their ability to clearly articulate the research question and its significance within the context of the chosen food system issue. It is important for students to effectively communicate why this question is worthy of investigation and how it relates to policy, health, sustainability, or ethics.

Next, I would assess the depth of the literature review conducted by the students. It is essential for them to present a comprehensive analysis of the academic literature, highlighting both the supporting and opposing evidence on their chosen topic. The quality and relevance of the sources they have referenced would also be taken into consideration.

Furthermore, I would evaluate the students’ ability to critically assess the consensus or lack thereof in the literature. They should demonstrate an understanding of the varying viewpoints and arguments presented in the academic literature, and clearly convey the extent to which there is agreement or disagreement among scholars.

Lastly, I would assess the students’ insights and recommendations provided in their presentations. Depending on the direction they choose, students should demonstrate the ability to identify gaps in knowledge and suggest potential areas for future research. Alternatively, if they opt to offer recommendations to average consumers, they should provide practical and evidence-based advice that can be implemented in light of the evidence presented.

Overall, the assignment aims to develop students’ research and presentation skills while enhancing their understanding of the complexities and nuances of a specific food system issue. By critically analyzing the academic literature and drawing informed conclusions, students can contribute to the ongoing discourse on policy, health, sustainability, and ethics.

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