ASU Utilize instructor feedback to revise the results section for a final project on Intermittent Fasting for Improving… Nursing Assignment Help

Check the attached “Results” section attached and then watch the YouTube video to fix it using the notes in the bottom from the professor:

Notes from the professor: 

We are missing a lot of the required information here. This section should address how you identified your studies (databases, search terms, filters, etc) and reference the PRISMA diagram. It should also clearly describe the various study designs, along with their findings, in a way which references each study specifically (in-text citations would help with the organization of this). Risk of bias should be addressed. Please review the guidelines we’ve provided in the charts and rubrics from your template.

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In the medical field, it is crucial for college students to develop their research skills and critical thinking abilities. As a medical professor responsible for creating assignments and evaluating student performance, my goal is to design tasks that challenge students to delve deep into the subject matter, analyze research studies, and apply their knowledge effectively. By conducting lectures, providing feedback through examinations and assignments, and evaluating their overall performance, I aim to nurture well-rounded and competent medical professionals.

Answer to the content:

The attached “Results” section is incomplete and lacks essential information. To rectify this, the following steps should be taken based on the guidance provided by the professor:

1. Identification of studies: Clearly state the databases, search terms, and filters used to identify relevant studies for the research. This information is vital in ensuring transparency and replicability.

2. Reference the PRISMA diagram: Mention the PRISMA diagram as a graphical representation of the search process. This diagram provides an overview of the number of studies identified, screened, included, and excluded, giving readers a clear understanding of the study selection process.

3. Describe study designs: Provide a comprehensive description of the various study designs employed in the research. Each study design should be discussed individually, highlighting their respective findings. Referencing each study specifically using in-text citations will enhance the organization and clarity of the content.

4. Address risk of bias: Discuss the risk of bias associated with the included studies. This analysis is crucial for evaluating the credibility and reliability of the findings. Reference the guidelines provided in the charts and rubrics from the template to ensure a comprehensive assessment of bias.

By incorporating these crucial elements, the “Results” section will become more informative, well-structured, and aligned with the requirements of the assignment.

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