Biopsychosocial diagnostic assessment of military trauma


You are asked to write a final 10-12 -page research-based paper that is designed for the demonstration of your individual mastery of the possible significant trauma consequences of military service and your individual ability to: (a) assess and offer a viable and accurate biopsychosocial diagnostic assessment of military trauma and, (b) your ability for critical application in practice of the diagnostic assessment. Therefore, you will receive a case study of a serviceman or woman who is active duty, activated reserve military, or a veteran and his or her family. The research paper requires at least 12 journal articles or other books and outside references that are independent of your text and class notes. Using the assigned case study, you are asked to: (1) Assess the effects of trauma on the warrior and his/her family, using a life span development theoretical model. Please be certain to include the warrior’s behavior and his/her family’s behavior based on the life course of the warrior and of the family as an important component of the assessment.

(2) Identify Individual life span vulnerabilities which exacerbate the traumatic experience(s) of the warrior and his/her family and (3) Discuss in detail the resiliencies that may serve to mitigate the warrior’s trauma. (4) Please identify diversity factors such as race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and socio-economic status that contribute to the life span development of the warrior. Identify how such factors are significant to the warrior’s development. (5) Please incorporate, in a cohesive manner, the assigned course competencies and identify how they relate to your social work assessment/diagnostic processes and criteria. 

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