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Sandra recently began questioning her decision to become a nurse and was considering leaving the profession after only six months of licensure. Orientation had left her in tears at least once per week, and she began questioning her ability to be a safe and competent nurse. Sandra felt belittled by her preceptor and unsupported by her co-workers, who all seemed too busy to help her. She frequently observed her preceptor roll her eyes and sigh loudly when Sandra asked a question; she observed the same thing from the preceptors of the other two new graduates.

  1. As the nurse manager, what strategies can be implemented to reduce lateral violence on Sandra’s part?
  2. How can Sandra and the other new graduates improve the work environment?

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In this scenario, Sandra, a newly licensed nurse, is experiencing a challenging work environment which is leading her to second-guess her decision to pursue a career in nursing. As the nurse manager, it is important to address the issues that Sandra is facing and implement strategies to reduce lateral violence and improve the work environment for Sandra and other new graduates. This response will provide potential strategies to mitigate lateral violence and suggestions for Sandra and her colleagues to enhance the work environment.

1. As the nurse manager, what strategies can be implemented to reduce lateral violence on Sandra’s part?

Lateral violence occurs when individuals in the same professional group engage in harmful behaviors towards each other. To reduce lateral violence on Sandra’s part, the nurse manager can take the following strategies:

a) Educate and raise awareness: Conduct workshops or training sessions that focus on the impact of lateral violence in the workplace. Increase awareness among staff members about the negative consequences of such behaviors and encourage open discussions.

b) Establish zero-tolerance policies: Clearly communicate that any form of lateral violence, including belittlement and unsupportive behavior, will not be tolerated. Implement strict consequences for those who engage in such behaviors. Ensure that all employees are aware of these policies and the importance of adhering to them.

c) Encourage effective communication: Foster an atmosphere of open and respectful communication. Encourage employees to express their concerns and ideas without fear of retribution. Provide opportunities for team-building activities to enhance collaboration and positive relationships among staff members.

d) Provide mentoring and support programs: Assign experienced and supportive mentors to new graduates, including Sandra. Mentors can provide guidance, answer questions, and create a supportive environment for these individuals. Regular check-ins and feedback sessions can help identify any issues early on and address them promptly.

2. How can Sandra and the other new graduates improve the work environment?

While the nurse manager plays a critical role in improving the work environment, Sandra and the other new graduates can also contribute to creating a positive atmosphere. Here are some suggestions for Sandra and her colleagues:

a) Seek support and guidance: Don’t hesitate to reach out to mentors, preceptors, or senior colleagues for advice and assistance. They can provide guidance during challenging situations and help build your confidence.

b) Participate in professional development activities: Engage in continuous learning and professional growth opportunities. Attend workshops, conferences, and seminars to enhance your skills and knowledge. This can contribute to your competence as a nurse and boost your confidence.

c) Foster teamwork: Actively participate in team activities and collaborate with colleagues. Be supportive, respectful, and understanding towards others. Creating a positive team culture will benefit the work environment as a whole.

d) Engage in self-reflection and self-care: Take time to reflect on your own strengths, accomplishments, and areas that need improvement. Practice self-care activities such as exercise, mindfulness, and hobbies to manage stress and maintain a positive mindset.

Remember, improving the work environment is a collective effort, involving both the nurse manager and the individual nurses. By implementing strategies to reduce lateral violence and adopting a proactive approach, a supportive and nurturing workplace can be created for Sandra and other new graduates.

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