Communication: Diversity assignment

The purpose of this assignment is to (1) learn more about the importance and impact of diversity in telecommunications and (2) practice conducting research and using proper source citation. Find a current scholarly research article or book chapter published after 2013 that examines diversity in telecommunications (mass media, social media, Internet, computer fields, video games, television, movies, music, etc.). This could include articles about on-screen diversity, ownership diversity, diversity in tech fields, etc. either in the United States or in another country or countries. The article or book should address the impact of diversity and discuss why diversity is (or is not) important.

Examples might include discussion of women and minorities as owners of broadcast stations, diversity of upper management in media or technology companies, diversity of workforce, diversity of writers, directors, producers, diversity of on-screen characters, etc. You can think of diversity broadly: gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, nationality, religious beliefs, education level, income level, disability (autism, blind, deaf, etc.), political beliefs, geography (rural or urban), occupation, etc. To find a scholarly source, go to the PSU Libraries homepage (외부 사이트로 연결합니다.)외부 사이트로 연결합니다. and search “Books, Articles and More” or conduct your search using library databases (외부 사이트로 연결합니다.)외부 사이트로 연결합니다. such as Academic Search Complete or Communication and Mass Media Complete. Make sure the article or book is related to telecommunications in some way (any of the industries or content we are discussing in class). Remember it needs to be an ACADEMIC/SCHOLARLY book or article. Newspaper and magazine articles or blogs don’t count! The article or book should discuss research or scientific studies that examine the issue of diversity. TIP: If you search from the library homepage, you can filter the search results to see “scholarly and peer-review” search results. Scholarly and peer-review both count as academic/scholarly articles. Most databases also allow you to filter to see scholarly or peer-review results. Find a current (i.e. within 2 years) media example or news story that is an example of the type of content or issue discussed in the research article or book. Your example must be different from any examples discussed in the research article/book. You can use databases like ABI/Inform or Nexis Uni to search for news articles related to your specific topic.

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