Culture Wars

 “The Culture Wars” Disputes and debates over what shape American culture should take were not new by the 1992 Presidential election. The counterculture movement of the 1960s as well as third-wave feminism and the rise of a new social and political conservative movement in the 1970s represented a war between “modern” and “tradition” cultural forces. Steve Kornacki, however, suggests that the promotion of a “culture war” between different politicians looking to capitalize on disagreements among Americans over morals and identity shaped a growing political divide between the Democratic and Republican parties during the early-to-mid 1990s. Do you agree with this statement? Or were more immediate issues such as economics more important in shaping politics? Kornacki’s book offers evidence to support both sides of the argument. Consider first briefly explaining what the “culture wars” were in context to this time period. You must use both the Kornacki book and at least three additional primary and/or secondary sources from your weekly readings (under the appropriate folders on Blackboard) to support your argument. Note: Some professors discourage using quotes as evidence. In this class, I see both quotes as well as brief summaries of material as important examples of evidence and would like to see both. However, your quotes should never be longer than three lines; use ellipses (…) to shorten quotes and pull out the most important material. 1. The paper will be 1500 words in length. In order to receive a passing grade, the paper MUST BE 1500 words. This is not a magic number: this is the appropriate length for a paper that requires both secondary and primary source analysis. If you do not have 1500 words, you will automatically receive a D as your starting grade. 2. The paper MUST HAVE A THESIS. 3. YOU MUST CITE KORNACKI AND OTHER SOURCES. If you do not provide citations, you will automatically fail. You also must provide specific pieces of evidence (quotes and summaries) from the book. Avoid block quotes—or large sections of quoted text. 4. Your paper meet the following specifics: a. 1” margins b. Times New Roman/12 font c. YOU MUST PROVIDE CITATIONS IN YOUR PAPER. d. Include a works cited page for this assignment. **The book The Red And The Blue by Steve Kornacki must be cited and referenced in paper. ** You do not need a title page for your paper and you do not need to include your name, section, date, etc. at the top of the paper. Footnotes do not count toward meeting the word goal for the paper. The word count is a minimum; you may go over the word count if you feel it is necessary.

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