Customer Service Information System Implementation Options

The CIO of the company has asked you as IS Manager to investigate the implementation of a new information system dealing with the handling of customer service.

The CIO hands you a very good and extensive list of User Requirements that has been designed through a long analysis process developed with the user areas and asks you to analyze and recommend one of the following implementation options: SaaS (cloud based, multi-tenant) Acquire a packaged, ready-made system from a vendor Develop the system internally with your own resources Any other implementation options.

You should write a report where the noted options are briefly described and analyzed, with a good list of advantages and disadvantages, and then include your well-detailed recommendation for implementation. The paper should have at least 900 words and have the following section subtitles (plus proper introduction and conclusion paragraphs): Summary of the proposal SaaS Option Packaged System Option Internal Development Option Other option(s) if you decide to include them Recommendation.

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