Detective Fiction : compare and contrast essay

Description Essay form, 3 pages, double-spaced, 12 pt., works cited in MLA format From the literary texts19th-century writer “Edgar Allen Poe, “Murders in the Rue Morgue”” and 20th- century writer “Agatha Christie, Murder at the Vicarage” Write an essay that compares and contrasts them in terms of the following topic; be sure to develop an overall argument: “The role of the narrator in framing the story of the investigation, and in the investigation.” Writing instructions : 1. The first paragraph should introduce your ideas, state your thesis, define any terms you are using and help the reader understand why your argument matters. The concluding paragraph also helps in these directions. 2. The body of the essay works to provide supporting arguments. Take the time to give each new paragraph a good topic sentence. Choose the examples from the literary text you find most interesting and try to discuss them analytically more than descriptively. In a short essay, citations should be short and paragraphs should be less than a page long. Please introduce the movement of the golden age of detective fiction in the essay.

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