Does the usage of electronics cause detrimental effects the social

 Milestone #5 – Online Survey For this milestone, you will learn how to create an online survey to help you become familiar with the data collection process. You will use the questions from this week’s Your Research Instrument discussion. You can use the following websites below to sign up for a free account: Survey Monkey Zoho Kwik Surveys Do not pay for anything if it asks you to make a payment. If you ever decide to use this service outside of class, you will already have access to an account. Please take this survey as a test run: Here is an example of a sample website survey Survey Summary Statistics For your assignment submission, please write your research question at the top followed by a brief introduction to your topic. Next post the link to your survey. This should be an active link that allows your instructor to take the survey. Do not forget to include an intro paragraph for informed consent as part of your online survey! End the assignment with a reference sheet or bibliography (if needed). You can view a good student online survey here:

#usage #electronics #detrimental #effects #social

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