Help to process  interview hiring assignment Overview For this assignment, you’ll write a 3–5 page paper on hiring an office

Help to process  interview hiring assignment


For this assignment, you’ll write a 3–5 page paper on hiring an office manager.


Complete the following:

Step 1: Choose one of the following as the setting for your assignment:

· A counseling agency.

· A consulting agency.

· A small agency of your choice.

Step 2: Watch three of the interviews your classmates posted in the Week 4 Yellowdig activity. You are advising the hiring manager on which applicant to choose for the position of an office manager who will be responsible for:

2. Ensuring co-workers follow office policies.

2. Establishing schedules for the receptionist and biller/accountant.

2. Other duties as assigned.

Step 3: Find one peer-reviewed journal article in the 

Capella University LibraryLinks to an external site.
 related to diversity and hiring.


Your 3–5 page paper will have two sections.

Part 1: Hiring Decision

· Explain the selection procedure the agency will use to select an office manager.

· Select an employee.

· Describe the three interviews you reviewed.

· Identify which applicant you would hire and explain your reasons.

· Describe research findings related to diversity and hiring.

· Describe the ethical considerations in hiring a new employee.

· Describe a plan to train the employee.

· Explain why this training plan will work.

Part 2: Self-Reflections

· Write a response for each of the structured interview questions.

· Describe your leadership style and provide an example.

· Provide an example of your ability to work with a team.

· Describe your ability to determine whether the information you use regarding office policies is credible and provide an example.

· Describe your ability to work effectively in diverse environments and provide an example.

· Describe how you incorporated the feedback you received on the Week 4 Yellowdig activity.

Additional Requirements

Your assignment should also meet the following requirements:

Written communication: Written communication is in a professional style with correct grammar, usage, and mechanics.

Resources: Use a minimum of two sources: your textbook and one peer-reviewed journal article.

APA formatting: References and citations are formatted according to current APA style and formatting.

· Refer to 

Academic WriterLinks to an external site.
 for guidance in using proper APA style. See the 

Evidence and APALinks to an external site.
 section of the Writing Center for instructions on accessing and using Academic Writer.

Length: 3–5 typed, double-spaced pages.

Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 point.

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