In your response posts, suggest additional items to consider in

In your response posts, suggest additional items to consider in one or more areas. Your suggestions may be based on the research you have completed on your own product, additional research conducted to assist your peers, or your own experience with healthcare products or services similar to those selected by your peers.

Peer 1- BM

The product I will be promoting is a drive-thru flu clinic. 


•    Can be treated from the comforts of your car

•    No appointments required

•    Flu shots are recommended and required for healthcare workers due to new strands of the flu each year.


•    Patients afraid to come out due to Covid-19

•    Not allowing walk-ups

•    Not sure if the vaccine will be as effective because of the introduction of the Covid-19 vaccine.


•    Ask the question: Finding out the community needs. 

•    Advertise: Using the information provided by the community

•    Education: participate in community events or health fairs in the community. Visit schools and local churches. 


•    Not having an appointment long waiting lines

•    Location can be a problem depending on where you live

•    The after-effects of the shot, some experience minor effects, not being able to tell the difference especially with Covid-19, some still get the flu after the shot. 

Peer- JG

The product that I chose to promote is the LIVE WELL app that goes hand in hand with my organization, that allows patients access to their medical chart. 


  1. Patient has access to certain part of their charts any time of the day.
  2. Convinence ( patient can obtain a physicians letter without having to leave their home)
  3. Ability to request a tele health appointment


  1. Has to be downloaded in order to have a Telehealth visit , which patients have said is a downside
  2. Its not very easy to navigate for those that are not technology savvy
  3. Patients bypass or don’t look at important message (ex : do not leave a message for the medical staff if it’s an emergency or needs to be addressed in less than 24 hours).


  1. Easier process of setting up an account.
  2. Allow proxy access up until the age of 17 with a signed proxy consent instead of having to resign a form when patient turns 12.
  3. Allow billing access to hospitals and outpatient settings , not just physician offices. 


  1. patients not on patients HIPPA form can access the live well app if the password is stored in their phone.
  2. No , confirmation if a patient was to delete something from their history on the live well app
  3. Because everything is uploaded to an electronic EMR to update the live well app , there is always a risk of hackers getting into the system. 

I use the live well app personally and am amazed as to what I have access to on it.

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