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New York City Schools currently use standardized tests to determine who receives offers of admission to its Specialized High Schools. Mayor De Blasio has 1) reserved 20% of those 2019 offers for disadvantaged students who just missed the test-score cutoff for admission and 2) promised, pending state approval, to abolish the exam and base Specialized High School Admissions on ranking in the top 7% of Middle Schools, grades,, recommendations, and high school applications. Asian-Americans are currently suing to prevent Mayor De Blasio’s 2019 changes. Under the current system, at Stuyvesant High School, 1% of students are black. 3% are Hispanic. 18% are white and 74% are Asian. Nearly 70% of the entire New York City School System is black and Hispanic. Mayor De Blasio’s permanent solution to abolish the admissions test would probably decrease offers to Asian-American students by 50% and increase offers to black students to five times their current levels. Using two different stages of the four steps of legal reasoning, explain whether it is permissible for Mayor De Blasio to implement his first and second plans to change Specialized High School Admissions. Plan 1 (Legal Reasoning) Plan 2 (Legal Reasoning) In developing your rules or analysis, use at least one aspect of Grutter v. Bollinger 539 U.S. 306 (2003) AND/OR any other legal case.

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