please help with assignment  Respond to the 2 Peers posts Bradley Franko posted Apr 11, 2024 5:39 PM

please help with assignment 

Respond to the 2 Peers posts

Bradley Franko posted Apr 11, 2024 5:39 PM

While it was a little overwhelming managing a study for the first time, I learned a lot about I/O psychology research and how it is conducted. My main topic is organizational change and how it impacts employees with my hypothesis predicting that business awareness, adaptability, communication quality, and employee engagement will be positively correlated during the preparation of change. My topic can provide immense competitive advantages for organizations that invest and analyze the strategies behind successful change. Even with these advantages, there is still a gap between scientific research and how it is applied alongside business planning. Employee engagement surveys seem to be gaining traction, but they leave participants wondering if these items are even valid and reliable or if they are created for the company to gain personal information on employees. Because of this, they are susceptible to response bias as employees may answer how they think the company wants them to answer. Regardless of its application, I am satisfied with my topic and predictions because they gave me a foundation to apply what I have learned to a real-life scenario. I am pleased with my choice to do an empirical project because I have always enjoyed the process of psychology research and now, I am confident in my abilities to conduct it within a lab or organization. The hardest part for me so far was narrowing down the vast amounts of research to a testable hypothesis with clear variables that have validated survey items. The parts I have enjoyed the most are the survey creation and data analysis because they allowed me to develop difficult skills that I haven’t had a chance to work on since research methods classes. If I were to repeat the study, I would have done it pre and posttest style around the organizational change to see if these variables are acquired over time or if they stay the same. I just recently closed my survey so I am in the data analysis portion still trying to wrap my head around the results with so many variables and matrices, but I plan on getting to a point where I can explain them generally and scientifically depending on the audience.

Laura Sealy posted Apr 10, 2024 12:55 AM

I am excited to share my experiences with everyone and talk about some of the challenges and discoveries I encountered during the course. Before taking on the assignment, I had no idea that I would find this much knowledge and information, especially after having a child with autism. I thought that I already knew most of what was covered in this course, but I was wrong. As I looked more and more into the various aspects of autism, I became overwhelmed by the amount of information that I had to learn about it. Although I had no idea what to expect when I started my journey, I was still able to learn about it. There was a lot of information that I hadn’t considered yet, and it was still very important that I did learn about it.

My topic is focused on the treatment of children with autism using ABA and CBT. In addition to my hypothesis, I also highlighted the importance of the research findings and how they can affect the lives of those with autism and their families. My main objective was to talk about how ABA therapy can help improve the behaviors and skills of individuals with autism. It may also help them manage their condition, which is referred to as ASD (Drahota et al., 2010). Various techniques can be utilized in this type of treatment. CBT, which is also known as talk therapy, can be utilized by those with autism to help them manage their feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. This type of treatment can be particularly helpful for those who have difficulty interacting with others.

According to Drahota et al. (2010), both ABA and CBT are important in helping individuals with autism improve their abilities. While ABA primarily focuses on improving certain actions, CBT is utilized to manage the emotions and thoughts that can affect an individual. These therapies can greatly improve the quality of their lives. Although my chosen topic may seem difficult to write about, I am contented with how I decided to tackle it, as it provided me with a deeper understanding of the condition. The hardest part of the review was ensuring that my data was accurate.

One of the most interesting parts of the review was learning how broad the topic was. It taught me a lot about the various treatment options that are available to those with autism spectrum disorder. Although I was able to outline some of these techniques, I was not able to provide an extensive overview of all of them. Although I would not alter anything about my research findings, I am satisfied with how I was able to grow as a person and as a writer. I believe that the results of the study showed that both CBT and ABA are very effective in helping children with autism. Based on my personal experience and the research, I believe that this type of treatment can greatly benefit the lives of individuals with this condition.

Although both CBT and ABA have their own issues with cost, emotional awareness, and cognitive abilities, they can still be used effectively by a therapist when treating individuals with autism. It’s important to remember that a patient’s circumstances and needs must be considered. I fully support my prediction and decision, and I believe that CBT can help children suffering from ASD. Although I don’t regret my research findings, I would still like to expand my knowledge about this topic.


Drahota, A., Wood, J. J., Sze, K. M., & Van Dyke, M. (2010). Effects of cognitive behavioral therapy on daily living skills in children with high-functioning autism and concurrent anxiety disorders. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, 41(3), 257–265.

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