Reflective Response Assignment #2: Due by end of Week Five

Reflective Response Assignment #2:

Due by end of Week Five

(Worth 10% of course grade)

Ticket Sales Profession Research Assignment: Students will research employment opportunities for ticket sales positions within collegiate and professional sports. Students will describe duties and job responsibilities as well as basic qualifications for applicants. The purpose of this assignment is to give students a better understanding of the requirements of and the need for qualified individuals in this employment area.

The student should research the internet for tickets sales related positions at all levels with professional sport teams and collegiate athletic departments. The following websites are recommended resources for gathering this information.

Sports Salaries Survey:

What’s the payoff in sports.pdf


Sports Job Boards: (链接到外部网站。)

Please incorporate answers to each of the following questions into a two-page double spaced narrative (not including cover page and reference page) about the roles and responsibilities of ticket sales professionals.  

  1. Locate three job postings at three different levels (Director, Manager, and Coordinator/Account Executive) that you find through your online research.
  2. List the basic job requirements of each position?
  3. What salary expectations would one have at each of these levels?
  4. What are the educational requirements for applicants at each level?
  5. How crucial are these positions to the success of the team/athletic program?
  6. What did you learn about ticket sales and the sports sales profession that you did not realize before doing this assignment?

Writing Format: The student should write at minimum a two double-spaced page paper in proper APA style, with the above information providing the framework. The paper should be organized coherently and provide the reader with an analysis that should reflect graduate level writing quality. All sources should be properly cited in a reference page and it should be submitted into Canvas by the end of Week Five.

Please visit the following APA Style resource website to assist you with questions you may have:

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