Safety plans and policies protect both the social worker and

 Safety plans and policies protect both the social worker and the client. They reflect the profession’s ethical values, but they also are critical for maintaining productive professional behaviors. And, like many aspects of the profession, they demonstrate an ability to actively reflect on your evolving practice.

This Assignment will help you prepare for safety during field experience. Your safety plan should be specific to your agency setting and client population and should consider agency and university policies.

To Prepare

  • Read Chapter 4 in the course text.
  • View the webinar on safety training.
  • Watch the Home Visit interactive video, and then reflect on the outcome of your choices in the context of safety and safety planning. 
    • What would you do differently? How will the experience enhance or change your safety plan develoment? 
  • Review the Field Education Manual.
  • Review agency policies on safety.
  • Discuss safety protocols with your supervisor.

By Day 7

Based on your analysis of policies, planning, and available training; your experience with the Home Visit interactive video; and a discussion with your supervisor, develop a general safety plan that includes the following:

  • What potential safety risks have you identified in your agency context?
  • How will you prepare when you meet with clients to be safe?
  • What will you do if you are in a situation that seems unsafe?
  • What will you do if there is an emergency with a client?
  • What will you do if a client is agitated or escalated?
  • What training or information is available to you about safety and how will you use it?
  • How does your plan align with agency and university policies?
  • Explain how intentional efforts toward safety can improve your field experience and help you maintain a professional disposition. Use information you have learned about agency and university policies to support your answers.


Garthwait, C. L. (2017). The social work practicum: A guide and workbook for students (7th ed.). Pearson.

  • Chapter 4, “Personal Safety” (pp. 41–50)

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