Self-Guided Social Media Training Manual

Throughout this course, your team will build a Self-Guided Social Media Training Manual for employees in an organization. This will be created as an important training component for an organization launching a social learning platform to enhance professional development. The training manual will help employees understand the concept of social learning and the benefits of social media tools on behalf of professional development within an organization. Note: The manual is designed to provide descriptive information on social media tools as opposed to providing a tactical, step-by-step approach to accessing each tool; for example, the manual should include a description of Facebook® and its applications for social learning as opposed to explaining how to set up a Facebook® account That is taken from the instruction … so, I was slightly wrong … The guide is part a new social learning platform within an organization to enhance professional development. so, basically it is as if we are introducing it as a new method supplemental training. Guide Overview or Introduction (350-word min.) 1.Who is the guide designed for? (100W) 2.Main objective or purpose of this guide. (100W) Jacqueline 3.What will be discussed (what competency will the reader learn from this guide). (200W) Here is the posting for question #1 and I am responsible for bullet #2 Our company has decided to embark on a new mission. We are creating a self-guided social media training program that will help our employees learn more about the importance and the many benefits of social media. Since this is a self guided course we ask that employees look at the information while at work while maintaining focus on their primary responsiblities.Social media training is a great way for our company to reach a great deal more people to be able to try our services and/or programs. This course will highlight how people in our organization can take advantage of the new social media platform that we are about to roll out to the company. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. 2.Main objective or purpose of this guide. (100W) Jacqueline

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