Share with the class a memorable (good or bad) training

Share with the class a memorable (good or bad) training class you have experienced. It does not have to be safety-related. What were the strong points of the training? What were some weak points? Do you think it was effective?


One of the most memorable classes I ever had was the first time I went into a flash over trainer (its a structure designed so that a flash over incident can occur in a controlled(ish) manner, conditions are just right for the introduction of air to create fire in the air above you, one second its all smoke, the next the sky is on fire so to speak). The instructors I had where experianced civilian and military firefighters, we had local DC and country firefighters on base that day to take the training with us as well. I think this was most memorable not just because of the things I got to see that day, but also when I realized what made a good instructor to me. These guys had over 20 years experiance, but they didn’t hold it over you. They were able to talk to every one of us, soldier, civilian, volunteer and paid as if we were anyone else on there crew in any other training we all did day to day. I started to notice the little changes in how they each spoke though, whether it was wording/phrases to talk to each group they took in, to even there tone, with the military they were more strict/stearn in how they spoke, with the volunteers it was almost like they where just explaining something to a friend. From that I learned to read the group I was talking to and change how I deliver to meet what they connect with. Through out the years I beleive that has been one of my major success tools when instructing fire, safety or training on the railroad. 

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