Summative Assessment for Managing and Co-ordinating the Human

You are required to provide written answers to all five of the questions below.

Question 1

Give examples of the main organisational objectives that the HR function is responsible for delivering and briefly explain how these have evolved/are evolving in contemporary organisations. In your answer, provide a brief justification for managing HR in a professional, ethical and just manner.

Question 2

Give a brief summary of two different ways HR objectives can be delivered in organisations.

Analyse how the HR function varies between organisations in different sectors and of different sizes.

Question 3

Give a short explanation of at least two major theories of change management, and illustrate how they can be used and evaluated.

Question 4

Your CEO has asked for a report on the contribution of the HR function to the business. In preparation for the report, give a brief summary of the criteria and methods available for use in evaluating the HR function’s contribution.

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