Take the data provided in the file “assignment2.xls” (Excel file).

Take the data provided in the file “assignment2.xls” (Excel file). These data have been collected through a survey. The survey was interested in three concepts, namely:

  •   Customer loyalty: measured with x1, x3, x4 and x11
  •   Customer satisfaction: measured with x2, x8, x9 and x10
  •   Service quality: measured with x5, x6, x7
    All concepts are seen as reflective constructs. The variables are all measured on a Likert scale from 1 to 8, without any reversely coded items.
    Using SPSS (or any other statistics software), carry out an exploratory factor analysis to assess construct validity. Then describe the results (also including relevant tables) as you would do in a journal paper.
    (Hint: part of the solution requires thinking about how to deal with missing values in the data.)

Please take a look at the attached ppt slides especially slides from 14 to 27 before you start, to understand what needed to describe the result.

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