The Fashion Design Internship Organisation.

1, Indicate the mission statement of the internship organization. if the organization has not developed a formal mission statement,compose one that will guide and inspire the business constituencies. 2, what is the image of the internship organization? -How does the customer view the image of organization. -How does the organization communicate its image to the public itself? -How do other employees perceive image? -Specify and cite your sources. 3, Describe the design of the exterior of your internship organization and the signage. -Does exterior and signage compliment/support the design and image of the store? if so why? if not, what changes would you make. 4, If the internship organization is a service or retail operation that provides fitting rooms, describe them.if applicable, suggest ways to improve the fitting rooms in terms of merchandise security and customer service. For those of you, who work in organizations without dressing room; describe how you make customers or clients feel comfortable in regards to security, privacy and customer services. PLEASE THIS TOPIC IS A JOURNAL FOR FASHION AND DESIGN INTERNSHIP. JUST ANSWER THE QUESTION BASE ON INTERNSHIP.

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