The literature review assignment should be 7 to 10 content

The literature review assignment should be 7 to 10 content pages in length and must include: Title page; Introduction; Statement of the Problem; Research Questions and Hypotheses; Overview of the Relevant Research related to your topic; and References – both in text and in a Reference page – should be the final page (20% of course grade).

Rubric Criteria for Literature Review Paper

· Article Requirement

o Utilized sufficient research articles to thoroughly explore current studies related to research question.

o Articles were related to hypotheses and relevant to current research in the area identified. 

· Introduction

o Objective of paper is clearly defined

o Statistical information about the problem provided (such as incidence, prevalence, etc.)

o Clearly articulated statement of the problem, research question and hypothesis

· Literature Review

o Inclusion/exclusion criteria provided for articles included in the Literature Review 

o Objective of studies provided 

§ Including intended primary outcomes & important secondary outcomes

o Hypothesis of studies given – when available – what did they think they would find? 

o Clinical research design (aka theoretical framework) of the studies described – examples: phenomenological; enabling theory; 

o Sample size and details provided

§ Inclusion/exclusion criteria provided for study samples included in the literature review 

§ Demographics of study participants 

o Methods described

§ Can it be replicated? 

o Results described

o Statistical tests utilized in the studies

o Important statistical results discussed

o Possible author biases were considered.

o Conclusions of authors summarized

· Discussion and Conclusion

o Research articles critiqued

o Strengths and weaknesses given

o Importance of the topic to counseling 

o Apply results to original hypotheses 

o Future recommendations

· Quality of Writing

o Spelling, punctuation, and grammar at the graduate school level

o Organized, clear, and concise writing/verbiage 

o Paper is at least 7 content pages in length – likely longer 

o Adheres to the 7th edition of APA guidelines, including in-text citations & References 

 Rubric Criteria for Literature Review Presentation

In addition to the literature review paper, all students will submit a presentation reviewing the ‘findings of your literature review’ via a PowerPoint or Prezi presentation. Presentations should be 10-15 minutes long when presented and will be graded using the literature review expectations (10% of course grade).

  • Presentation
    • Student concisely and accurately stated research questions and hypothesis and succinctly explained studies related to the problem
    • PowerPoints were clear with appropriate amount of text on each slide, utilizing graphics to emphasize points
    • References and citations were included
    • No grammar or editing issues

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