The purpose of this assignment is for you to investigate


  1. The purpose of this assignment is for you to investigate various sport-related careers and organizations and compile the information into a PowerPoint presentation. Use the Internet to research a professional organization that relates to your interests in sport management. Find the answers to the questions below. Then, using the structural organization charts from class, you will conduct research on different sport industry careers. You will research the different career opportunities, narrow down your choices, and choose a single sport industry career you would like to pursue.Include the following information in your presentation: Organization Research – Select 2 organizations affiliated with Athletic Administration. Use available resources in the syllabus.
    • What is the organization’s name and website?
    • How many members does the organization have?
    • Are there student memberships? If so, what do they cost? What does a membership provide?
    • Are there regional or national conferences? Where are the conferences typically held? What happens at these conferences? (Provide the name of the conferences)
    • Does the organization provide job search assistance? Can you post your resume on the site?
    • Does the organization provide information about job opportunities in the field? List the current career opportunities that are posted.
    • Does the organization offer internships? List the available internships and the expectations or responsibilities.
    • Career IndustryDescribe:
    • Nature of the work
    • Tasks associated with the job
    • Required skills (critical skills – conceptual, human, technical; traits; See Article: Careers in collegiate athletic administration: hiring criteria and skills needed for success)
    • Education and other qualifications
    • Organizational Structural Chart (beginning with who is the top rank to who falls below your title)
    • Related occupations
    • Salary
    • Employment outlook
    • Professional associations or websites related to the career.
    • Your slide presentation should be between 10-15 slides. Be creative in your presentation. Keep in mind that as you work in the sport industry you may have to create presentations for organizations and present yourself as informed and professional. Your slide presentation should include a title slide and a citation slide and are not to be included in the total slide count.

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