This project is worth 30 of total grade for this course. Rubric is based on 100 points Only

This project is worth 30
% of total grade for this course.
Rubric is based on 100 points
Only 1 member of the team needs to upload the project
Part 1 REPORT (70points)
Part 2 Presentation of personal reflection via recorded session (30 points)
Part-1 Report: You will study an organization as a group of 3-4 students. This organization can be the same organization as per the case studies completed earlier.
What you need to do in this project?
A. Identify an area of improvement in HR or a problem or an issue that is impacting on companys over all performance. Justify your answer.
B. Discuss why is this issue/problem worth exploring? Where necessary, please create appropriate drawings. You can use the free templates on web site for drawing the appropriate chart/flow charts/trees etc:
C. Differentiate between the superficial problems/issues and the root causes of problem/issues? Use templates for Current Reality Tree, Future Reality Tree, Evaporating Cloud to draw the diagrams. OR you can draw by hand and take a photo of your diagram. Embed the JPEG in word document.
D. Identify the waste elements that are impacting on organizations performance. You can use Lean/Six Sigma Methodology to identify the waste and suggest action plan to improve the situation. In this section, you need to justify the use of Lean and/or 6 Six Sigma methodologies for waste identification.
E. Apply 5S model to improve the current situation. Provide rationale for using the 5S model.
F. Apply McKinseys 7 S model to recommend the strategies that will address the issue or problem/s identified in earlier stages of this project
G. Attach a table in appendix to show the contribution of each member in completing the project
You project should not exceed 5 pages (excluding the cover page, table of content, references/bibliography and appendices). For more details, please refer to marking criteria for Project Part-1 (Report)

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