Using the concepts of convergence, divergence and crossvergence.

Description Question Using the concepts of convergence, divergence and crossvergence, explore how Starbucks can innovate through combining ‘global knowledge’ with ‘local needs’. Explain the concepts of convergence and divergence and back up your points with appropriate evidence from the case study Then explore the tensions between global knowledge and local needs and how this impacts Starbucks’ approach to innovation Guidence Question 3: This question asks you to use appropriate concepts and theories from Block 2, Sessions 9 and 10. Of particular relevance here are how the concepts of convergence and divergence may be applied to the situation that Starbucks currently finds itself in. Session 9 noted that globalisation has also given rise to new incentives and pressures for organisations and innovators to converge around international ‘best practices’ and diverge in response to local conditions. This tension is challenging for organisations. Using relevant evidence from the case study, your answer should explore these tensions before exploring how Starbucks may be able to innovate by combining global knowledge with local needs. The concept of crossvergence covered in Session 10 is especially relevant here.

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