View the two videos, Data Entry and Frequencies, for an


View the two videos, Data Entry and Frequencies, for an example of how a data are entered and how frequency tables are run.

Discuss the importance of accurate data.  What are some issues that can contribute to inaccurate data, not only at the data entry stage but also at the data collection stage? What are the consequences of inaccurate data?  As a program evaluator, how could you help ensure that data are accurate?

Use this discussion to clarify any issues related to entering the data.

*Notes: Avoid first person verbiage and write in third person, no direct quotes, and do not give possession to in-text citations or inanimate objects.

Your initial post with at least two peer reviewed references or one peer reviewed reference or textbook reference is due by Wednesday with three peer responses (two peer responses if you attend Keiser Live Session!) with at least one peer reviewed reference or questions each by Saturday if you expect to receive full credit for peer responses. The textbook is Evaluation Fundamentals. author Arlene Fink. Videos can be found on You tube

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