Vocabulary description, vocabulary acquisition, vocabulary pedagogy, or vocabulary assessment


Instructions for Academic Paper: Topic: Any topic related to vocabulary description, vocabulary acquisition, vocabulary pedagogy, or vocabulary assessment. For this order, please to write an academic paper on a topic related to vocabulary description, acquisition, pedagogy, or assessment. In your paper, you are expected to make connections between the key ideas from the uploaded readings (in Adobe PDF files) that you have to consult and your own ideas. Choose a topic that you are interested in and consult 10 references. Your paper should contain: • A cover page • An abstract (150- 200 words) – This is the paper summary I paid for. •

An articulate and captivating introduction in which you state your thesis • The body of your paper in which you analyze the topic in a logical and clear manner and provide evidence from the readings that you have consulted to support your thesis. • Pedagogical implications and a conclusion • A list of references. CRITERIA FOR ASSESSING THIS ACADEMIC PAPER This academic paper will be assessed based on the following criteria:Criteria & Number of Points: – Quality of the introduction and the thesis (clear, well-developed, and captivating): 5 points – Quality of the analysis (in-depth and sophisticated, going beyond simple description): 10 points – Quality of the supporting evidence and the connections made between ideas from the readings consulted and your own ideas: 5 points – Relevance and clarity of the pedagogical implications and the conclusion: 5 points – Organization of the paper (logical and convincing): 5 points – Writing style (coherent, clear, grammatically correct, and polished): 5 points – Accurate APA style: 5 points

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