With the recent spate of police shootings in the United

With the recent spate of police shootings in the United States, there has been an uproar regarding police discrimination against the black community. Technology has played a large role in these events, making the job of a police officer even more challenging. This same technology has the opportunity to improve policing policies across the country, especially when it comes to managing and building community relations.

Imagine a scenario where your department is considering using body cameras and social media as part of a digital dive initiative to build community relations. You have been asked to provide your observations on the future challenges in the field of policing and how the implementation of these technologies can contribute to building safer communities.

Write a 700- to 1,050-word white paper for your department. According to the Purdue Online Writing Lab, “…the purpose of a white paper is to advocate that a certain position is the best way to go or that a certain solution is best for a particular problem.” In this case, your white paper is meant to help your police department better understand the issues and opportunities around technology, including the use of body cameras and social media.

Address the following in your white paper: 

  • Describe challenges the field of policing will face in the future. Provide examples. 
  • Explain how community relations impact the challenges police officers face. 
  • Research and describe an incident for which using a body camera has helped the police in accountability and effectiveness. 
  • Research and state an example for which social media was used as a tool by the police in crime control and community relations.
  • Identify new technologies that can be used in policing in the future to build safer communities and how. Provide examples.
  • Recommend to your department what decision it should make regarding new technology, including the use of body cameras and social media. Justify your recommendation. 

Include 2 academic resources outside of your textbook in your white paper.  

A White Paper is formated similar to the Academic Research Paper.

Title/Cover Page: A research white paper has a title or cover page that identifies of the title of the paper, the author’s name, course number, and date of publication. There is often a graphic inclosed on the Title Page that is related to the topic. Be sure to provide a source citation under the graphic because this is an academic assignment.

Introduction: The introduction provides the main argument of why advanced technology is important to the future of policing and how body cameras are relational to the impact of community relations.

Problem Statement: Provides examples of previous incidents where the lack of social media platforms, body cameras, and other technology impacted crime control and community relations.

Main Body of the Paper: You will support your thesis in this segment. With citations and analysis backed by clear reasoning and arguments, this part is usually the longest section of your paper.

Conclusion: This part will bring everything you stated until now together to provide an informative overview of your arguments and main points.

References: Include your source references in APA format.

Although not required, feel free to design your white paper with a Table of Contents.

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