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There are a number of different tools and resources a person can use to gain insight into aspects of their personality. One such type of tool is a personality inventory or “test.” You may have seen examples of these tests online, or perhaps you have even taken one or more of them in the past. In this Discussion, you will use the results of one such online personality test to consider what qualities you already possess and which you would like to cultivate to be a more effective leader and follower. “The Big Five Project Personality TestLinks to an external site.” ( (Note: There are a number of optional demographic questions following the required items. You may choose to complete these, but you are not required to do so in order to get your results.)

  • Consider what the results say about your personality, the challenges you may have in working with others, and the challenges others might have when working with you. For example, perhaps you are respectful and kind to others, but you are disorganized. While you may be pleasant to work with, you have difficulty meeting deadlines and need to remember appointments.

    Note: If you disagree with the results of the test, consider asking a trusted friend to review the results and see if they agree or not.


Post a summary of your personality test results, as well as how you might use these results to become a more effective leader and follower. In your summary, address the following:

  • Summarize your results on “The Big Five Project Personality Test” and state whether you agree with these results. Provide a rationale to support your conclusion.
  • Analyze how your personality might influence how you lead and how you follow. Draw on your professional and personal experience to provide examples.
  • Identify one personal quality you would like to improve as you work to become a more effective leader and follower. Propose why this improvement would be a benefit to you and an organization.

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Summary of results on “The Big Five Project Personality Test”: I took the personality test and the results indicated that I scored high in conscientiousness, agreeableness, and openness to experience. However, I scored relatively lower in extraversion and emotional stability. I agree with these results as I have always recognized that I tend to be more introverted and sometimes struggle with handling stress and emotions effectively.

Influence of personality on leadership and followership: Being high in conscientiousness means that I am organized, responsible, and detail-oriented. This trait influences my leadership style as I am able to plan and coordinate tasks efficiently, ensuring that projects are completed on time and to a high standard. On the other hand, my lower extraversion score means that I may be more reserved and less inclined to take charge or assert myself in a leadership role. However, as a follower, I am conscientious and trustworthy, following instructions and completing tasks diligently.

Improvement in becoming a more effective leader and follower: One personal quality I would like to improve is my emotional stability. Enhancing this aspect of my personality would be beneficial not only for myself but also for the organization I work with. Emotional stability allows individuals to remain calm and composed in stressful situations, enabling effective decision-making and problem-solving. By improving my emotional stability, I would be better equipped to handle challenging situations as a leader and maintain a positive and resilient attitude as a follower. This would contribute to a more harmonious and productive work environment.

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